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Revolution Kites - indoor & outdoor 4-line flying


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Dorchester ~ Flying in the new FlightExec Dorchester Community Centre takes place on Friday mornings from 9:30am to 11:30am. We fly Wala kites, small and large, Laima kites, gliders, and iFlite kites... all single line indoor kites. However, a few of the club members are flying two line indoor kites also.

Come out and watch, or come prepared to try. Bring indoor running shoes and comfortable clothes. There is no running involved, but you will be walking backwards while looking up.

I have a few teaching Walas and the lessons are free. Cost for use of the facility is $3.00 per person.

Contact me for more information: penny@pennywearne.com

Wala Kite - A kite that is designed to “glide” in indoor, outdoor, no wind and low wind conditions. It is very balanced and can be controlled to glide elegantly by pulling or releasing the flying line. Attaching the 45-foot tail allows the kite to be flown as a traditional 'stable' single line kite. This webpage has lots of videos of Walas.


iFlite Kite - An ultralight micro-kite made by Patrick Tan designed to glide in small places (like kitchens, living rooms, dens) and in large spaces (like malls, gyms, school hallways). Go to YouTube and search for iFlite and you'll find lots of videos of people flying not only iFlite kites, but other gliders and indoor kites.